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About Us : Bolo House Music

The Music Industry In South Africa

In South Africa, the music industry is very tough to crack.
You can have all the talent in the world, but if people don’t
know anything about your talent, you are going nowhere.

The Creation Of Bolo House Music

This has been a trend that has been going on for many years now.
Therefore, we have decided to make a difference for new or upcoming

We came up with the idea to build a platform that young or new emerging
artists can share their music and showcase their talent. Moreover we understand
that most of the producers don’t know anything about marketing their music.

Social Media Marketing In Music Industry

In that regard, we have created social media platforms that will help to
expose this new talent to the world at large. Like many big artists who
have big recording labels behind their back. we are also committed to
help our new artist to stand out and compete.

Our quality promise to our audience or visitors

Many South Africans, love good music wholeheartedly and therefore we will
do our level best to give our audience music that is high quality and worth their data.

This is exactly the reason why we listen to the music sent to us first and review if it meets
the quality our listeners will enjoy. Moreover, we offer mixing and mastering service to
producers who are talented but struggling to create quality mixes.

In this regard, we satisfy and guarantee our listeners that all mp3 songs on our site is
of high quality. Also help the artist to represent themselves well  enough in increasing
their chance to succeed in the music industry.

Our Social Media Platforms outreach

We have build a facebook page, twitter and two youtube channels to help spread
the music of our client all over the world. This platforms makes music shared on
bolo house music, gain more exposure to our target audience.

In addition to sharing our artist’s mp3 songs for free downloads,
we also advise them in creating quality music, so they can represent
themselves properly. because we have a team of  music producers
and mixing engineers on our platform.

In Summary Bolo House Music Services:

  • we help to promote music for new and current artists to get exposure.
  • we help artist  to make their music stand out with our mixing and mastering service.
  • we provide our audience with high quality music for free.
  • we offer free legal mp3 music downloads which benefits both artists and audience.

Join Us today, and reach more than 1 millions users who visits
out website every month. Your success is our achievement because
our mission is to expose talent to the world and change live for the better.




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