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Choko FeLa – MjoLo Hauna Nnete


Download Choko FeLa – MjoLo Hauna Nnete Mp3

Choko FeLa – MjoLo Hauna Nnete mp3 download. Have a listen to a brand new mp3 song by Choko Fela titled Mjolo Hauna Nnete.

Mjolo Hauna Nnete is a song about a man who has been played and used by his then-girlfriend. She promised him she will change and become a better person, but all was just a fairytale when he learned the truth the hard way. Moreover, download and stream “Mjolo Hauna Nnete” Free Mp3 below.

Download Mp3: Choko FeLa – MjoLo Hauna Nnete

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