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Dj Abza SA & African DrumBoyz – Indian Church


Dj Abza SA & African DrumBoyz – Indian Church. The rhythm and flow of this song can provoke any fan of Afro House. Moreover, it is likely to feature amongst many classic songs of Afro House.

Indian Church – Dj Abza SA & African DrumBoyz

Abel Rasekhula Who is well known as DJ Abza SA has been a disc jockey for the past 6 years, music being his passion. He has enjoyed the privilege of entertaining crowds from all walks of life. He fell in love with music at an early age and started perusing his talent and went on to produce his own music at the age of 14. One of the famous songs he produced which people from his hometown love and still dance to is ‘’ I Never Listened Feat. Wendiey ‘’ and that was the beginning of his music career.

Dj Abza SA & African DrumBoyz – Indian Church mp3 download

The duo from Limpopo are self-taught DJs and producers, Currently residing in Johannesburg. They started their music production in 2016 and persevered ever since. One of the selected candidates at #ShimzaBarcadiSession Shared stage with Mobi Dixon and more collaborated with both Local and international producers with likes of Lebza TheVillian, Thousand Sounds, and more Yfm,5fm, Cosmo FM, Sloot FM, Yarona Fm Botswana to name a few radio stations where their music has played. They dropped 2 Ep’s one in Uk under JsmusicUk.

Dj Abza SA & African DrumBoyz – Indian Church

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