Bolo House

Dr Rackzen – Respect Mosata feat.Mapunisher x Dj Leeba


Dr Rackzen – Respect Mosata feat.Mapunisher x Dj Leeba,

Dr Rackzen – Respect Mosata,

Respect Mosata Dr Rackzen,

The collaboration between Dr Rackzen, Mapunisher, and Dj Leeba has truly produced great results. Respect Mosata is currently making waves in the social media. This truly shows how bolobedu music grown since 2017 into the year 2018.

It has been a great year for Dr Rackzen, following collaboration with various artists in bolobedu. It is without surprise to see the come back of Mr Rackzen in 2018. He has re-entered the music industry like he never left. Dr Rackzen is been regarded as the head or Godfather of bolobedu house music.

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