Bolo House

King Monada Bao Lecha


King Monada Bao Lecha,

Bao Lecha King Monada,

King Monada has released another hot song in the middle of winter.
This winter has just turned into summer because of Bao Lecha King Monada
is here to warm you up in style.

King Monada continues to prove himself repeatedly as the King of Limpopo and bolobedu house music. This time he created a stunning beat with an amazing vocal that moves in rhythm.

Bao Lecha King Monada,

The legend of King Monada continues to spread and explode on the social media following the release of Bao Lecha. King Monada Bao Lecha is not an ordinary song like many released hits.

Bao Lecha carries a strong message that affects a majority of the people of South Africa. Once again King Monada remain relevant with the times. Just when we thought he is done, he strikes again.

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