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King Monada – Di Nyaka Mane Wa Geno


King Monada – Di Nyaka Mane Wa Geno

King Monada – Di Nyaka Mane Wa Geno. This is one of the classic songs that has paved a way for King Monada to reach the top.  Moreover, “Di Nyaka Mane Wa Geno” was loved by the fans of Khutso Steven Monada at the very beginning of his music career. This song was released around the same time with Bopape ba gana, which is another classic song by Monada.

King Monada Old Songs

King Monada was underate during the times of “Di Nyaka Mane Wa Geno“. but many believed that he will become the star that will change local music for good. He became very famous around Limpopo local clubs and eventually got a record deal with Open Mic records. This is the company that took King Monada international and exposed his talent to a greater audience.

King Monada old tracks

Di Nyaka Mane Wa Geno by King Monada brought a strong and painful message to the community. because it painted a story about a person who is tired of mistreatment and gossip by the community. thus he asks them to mind their business and let go of him. In the song he says ” Gore Kea nwa, King Monada – Di Nyaka Mane Wa Geno” which means So, I drink alcohol, how does that concern you?

Di Nyaka Mane Wa Geno

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