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King Monada Dumetxa


King Monada Dumetxa ft Dr Peulwane. Two songs on the same day. Only King Khutso is capable of such talent. Moreover, he collaborates on a new single with the famous Dr Peulwane.

Dumetxa by Steven Monada is based on experience in Peulwane’s life. In fact, On the introduction of the song, we hear a recording of a woman proposing Peulwane. So, Dr Peulwane avoids a direct conversation with her.

This song is also a symbol of friendship between Peulwane and Khutso Steven. Lately, the pair spends time together. On the other hand King Monada releases a song with Leon Lee and Caiiro called Ke rata wena. Stream and listen to Dumetxa today.

King Monada Dumetxa

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