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King Monada Makhi Ke Camera ft Caino


King Monada Makhi Ke Camera ft Caino,

King Monada Makhi Ke Camera,
Botxisa Makhi Ke Di Camera -King Monada,
Makhi Ke Camera King Monada,

The long awaited King Monada -Makhi Ke Camera ft Caino, is finally out for downloads. The fans will definitely be thrilled to see and listen to this new single Called Makhi Ke Camera.

In the song, King Monada says ” Wena Keago Nyaka, Mara geo nyaka go tseba kanna, Oseke wa botxisa batho, oseke wa botxisa dichomi, Botxisa Makhi ke dicamera.

He is highlighting the fact that neighbours know a person better than friends and other people. He is asking a question to Makhi and says ” Makhi who is paying you working so hard. It is truly a fun and relaxing song to listen to indeed.

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