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KING MONADA – MALWEDHE OFFICIAL VIDEO is finally out in high definition, long after the fans have been begging for it.
It is without surprise to see the fans behaving in that fashion. Because King Monada songs or tracks are naturally addictive.

For all King Monada fans who have waited for Malwedhe official music video, today should be a relief indeed. Moreover, Africa has
been waiting to understand the meaning of this song from the creator himself.

Khutso Steven Kgatle, famously known by the name King Monada is a Limpopo based artist who produces his music in his mother tongue “Khelobedu”.
He is now the pride of bolobedu because he has raised the respect of the language and their tradition to new heights. In other words, he has put bolobedu
people on the map, therefore, they can now be counted amongst the greatest contributors of music in South Africa.

King Monada Malwedhe has confused many fans who doesn’t speak khelobedu to understand the meaning of the song. In addition to watching the official
music video, one can also find the Malwedhe Lyrics transcribe from Khelobedu to english on our site to fully understand the meaning.


Bolo House Music Song Of The Month June 2020 Live

  • Dr Maponya x King Dezulu - Mphefumlo Wam ft Janisto & DJ Cooper
    24% 114 / 474
  • Dj Shaka - Re Nyaka Bjala ft Prudy
    4% 21 / 474
  • Dj Call Me & Makhadzi - Maxaka ft Mr Six21
    15% 74 / 474
  • Makhadzi - Muya Wanga ft Villager SA
    7% 37 / 474
  • The Double Trouble - O Jola Le Mang ft Maxy Khoisan
    30% 146 / 474
  • Shaker - Icon Lamaf_ Ck The Dj_ Fredi K Maps & Villager SA
    4% 20 / 474
  • DJ Janisto & Villager SA - Motsware Bjalo Ka Lekhobha ft Master Betho
    5% 27 / 474
  • The Double Trouble - Tsatsi La Mathomo feat DJ Shaka
    3% 16 / 474
  • Da-Small RSA x Shandos – Zo’knika Kamnadi ft Queen Minaj
    1% 5 / 474
  • King Salama x Nata Boy x Kagisho The Man – Mosimana Yo Mo Botse
    1% 5 / 474
  • Pat Medina – Ke Tsweri Hit ft Master Chuza & Spirit
    2% 11 / 474



    Dec 15, 2018 at 11:48 pm

    hy,,, track ndi yone heyi welldone king monada.

  2. King Monada

    Dec 23, 2018 at 8:14 pm

    the video tho, not bad