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King Salama x Dr Rackzen – Fevang Basadi [ Download MP3]


King Salama x Dr Rackzen – Fevang Basadi [Download MP3]

Fevang Basadi – Dr Rackzen x King Salama [ Bolo House 2019]

Fevang Basadi by Dr Rackzen and King Salama is out now. The song has got many people taking upon its release.

In essence, the song is encouraging woman to keep joling with multiple partners. also, the adding that, if a man is not giving his woman money then she go looking for it outside.

King Salama Songs 2019

Many people are loving this song and they are encouraging the collaboration of these duo. Dr Rackzen and King Salama have added so much music in the industry of bolo house.

Dr Rackzen Songs 2019

It is without question that they are the reason we have bolobedu house today. moreover, King Salama is rising to the top competing in the big leagues of King Monada and Master KG. his fan base keep rising everyday and we can expect to see more in the future.

Dr Rackzen has been gaining more popularity again, since he featured with King Monada in 2017. We expect to see more great music coming from the founder of bolobedu house.

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