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Lebb Simons & Icon Lamaf Interview


Lebb Simons & Icon Lamaf Interview 2020 (Know Your Stars)

ILearnHow, The Interview Live and North Magazine worked together to bring Lebb Simons and Icon Lamaf to Kara Lounge. They have a lots of advice to offer many upcoming artists in South Africa.

Lebb Simons and Icon Lamaf answer questions about themselves and their music career. They share their inspirations and motivations in life. How they keep their music career going amongst many challenges one can find in the music industry.

Lebb Simons has a new album coming in 2020 and there is more music to follow from her and Icon Lamaf. There is definitely a lot of knowledge to gain from lessons by Icon Lamaf. He shares a lot about his upcoming Afro-fusion projects.

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