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Lekompo La Town – Chachamisa [Download MP3]


Lekompo La Town – Chachamisa [Download MP3]

Chachamisa – Lekompo La Town

The fans of Limpopo music gets introduced to Lekompo La Town – Chachamisa and they fall in love. Chachamisa has some strong energy which fits the mood of a club or celebration. It follows the flow of Qqom or Dance music with rhythm in a unique way.

Chachamisa is written & composed by Lekompo LA Town… I worked with logic world & Rich neightyeight art. HE attended a party n there was too much skirt/Ladies than boys. So it was more like meat in the butcher the way it was full of skirt/ladies.

Download the latest release by Lekompo La Town – Chachamisa below and enjoy the talent from Limpopo.


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