Magaya Music – Ng’lindze ft DJ Micks


Magaya Music – Ng’lindze ft DJ Micks. Ng’lindze is a song based on a true story. As a man who works far away from his family. In his words, he said,” I was inspired to write this song and it was emotional to come up with such a jam”.Bolo House Music helps with online advertising and save you facebook marketing costs, facebook promoted post or facebook ads.

The fact that one cannot see their family as much as they want is painful and saddening. Moreover, it drains you physically, emotionally and that’s exactly what inspired me to come up with such a jam. As a result, I wrote this song not only for myself but for everyone who’s away from their loved ones either because of work or any life challenges.

This tune is now available as audio in online stores like Apple or Itunes. In fact, it is also available for free streaming before one can purchase. Stream and listen to this new single below.

ITunes Link : Magaya Music – Ng’lindze ft DJ Micks.