Bolo House

Txe Dingwe Di Baisa Pelo -Dr Masemza & Prince Malizo


Txe Dingwe Di Baisa Pelo – Dr Masemza & Prince Malizo,

Txe Dingwe Di Baisa Pelo – Dr Masemza,
Txe Dingwe Di Baisa Pelo – Prince Malizo,

Dr Masemza & Prince Malizo are knocking at the door of becoming one of the elites in bolobedu house industry. Their new hit:” Txe Dingwe Di Baisa Pelo” is now trending on social media platforms.

With this promising growth and following, we could expect more great music coming from this talented duo. It is not a surprise to see more and more emerging artists in bolobedu since the rise of King Monada.

The doors are truly open for anyone to showcase their talent and the stage is now fully set for Dr Masemza and Prince Malizo.

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